Stanford Quads Square Dance Class

for dancers who want to take more than one class

Many people who are new to square dancing have found it helpful to take two beginner classes at the same time. Not only does this give them more practice (e.g., twice per week rather than once), but they get a chance to see the same call presented in different ways and get a head start learning how to respond to more than one caller's voice and style. Because of the various ways in which our class is different from many others, it can be an especially good complement to them.

Note: Although all "Plus" classes cover the same set of calls, they don't cover things in the same order. "Re-learning" something that you already "learned" earlier in a different class can very valuable, both because you will appreciate different aspects after having had more experience and because different instructors will emphasize different things. But taking more than one class should not be considered an adequate substitute for regular attendance in each class -- if you just skip back and forth you will very likely miss something important which may make it harder to learn later material in both classes.