Stanford Quads "Club Chatter"

January 2009


(Originally written for publication in Squares 'Round the Bay.)

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Jim Davis, Pat Ho, Bill Hoover, Dodie Hoover, Jan Hoover, Stewart Kramer, Betsy Lasarow-Tozzi, Sue Lietz-Davis, Ray Olszewski, John Sybalsky, Bill van Melle, and Rick Wilson attended the PACE SoCal "Extravaganza" in Oxnard. John Sybalsky and Bill van Melle also called during the trail-in sessions.

The following Saturday, Joe Dehn, Mary Gingell, John Sybalsky, and Bill van Melle called at the PACE NorCal "Caller Appreciation Dance". That Sunday, Joe Dehn, Ruth Riegelhaupt-Herzig, and Sin-Wing Toh danced in the San Jose Holiday Parade.

Our class, which began in October, is doing very well. As of early December, they had seen more than half the calls from the combined Basic/Mainstream/Plus list.