Stanford Quads "Club Chatter"

May 2008


(Originally written for publication in Squares 'Round the Bay.)

Our club caller John Sybalsky has again been elected one of the Top Ten area callers by the members of the Santa Clara Valley Square Dancers Association. In addition to Quads, he calls for Interlocked Squares (C-1) and Top Cats (C-2, C-3A).

We have been dancing to a variety of substitute callers on Sundays when John was unavailable. So far in 2008, in addition to California callers Scot Byars and Eric Henerlau, Barry Clasper from Toronto, Ontario and Don Wood from Lacey, Washington each filled in one night.

In March, Joe Dehn, Dolores Ferrero, John Flora, Bill Hoover, Dodie Hoover, Jan Hoover, Ray Olszewski, Alan "Puck" Stevenson, and Rick Wilson attended the USDA Bakersfield Fiesta.

The following week, Joe Dehn, Pat Ho, Betsy Lasarow-Tozzi, John Sybalsky, and Bill van Melle attended the CALLERLAB convention in Los Angeles.

Our beginner class has now seen almost all of the calls on the Basic, Mainstream, and Plus lists. Graduation has been scheduled for 27 April. In May, we will return to a schedule of full APD Plus 7-9pm, with Advanced and Challenge tips starting at 9pm.