Stanford Quads "Club Chatter"

January 2007


(Originally written for publication in Squares 'Round the Bay.)

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Pat Ho, Betsy Lasarow-Tozzi, John Sybalsky, and Bill van Melle attended the PACE Extravaganza in Oxnard. John and Bill also called during the trail-in session.

Also in November, Joe Dehn accepted the position of General Chair for the 51st Jubilee. Jim Davis and Sue Lietz-Davis will serve as Assistant General Chair, Mary Gingell will once again be Program Chair, and Michelle La Chance will be putting together the Youth program.

We had two Sundays recently with substitute callers when John Sybalsky was unavailable. First, Mike Wright, who calls for Farmers and Farmerettes, called for us in November. Then, in December, Joe Dehn, Mary Gingell, and Bill van Melle called for us; they call weekly for Belle Swingers.

Our class is making great progress! As of mid-December, they had learned about 2/3 of the Mainstream calls.