Stanford Quads "Club Chatter"

January 2006


(Originally written for publication in Squares 'Round the Bay.)

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Jim Davis, Joe Dehn, Mary Gingell, Pat Ho, Jim Jones, Betsy Lasarow-Tozzi, Sue Lietz-Davis, Luise Linney-Jones, John Sybalsky, and Bill van Melle attended the PACE Extravaganza in Oxnard. John and Bill were also among the callers at the trail-in dance on Friday afternoon.

On 4 December, Joe Dehn marched with other area dancers in the San Jose Holiday Parade. This is the 4th year that SCVSDA has organized participation in this televised event.

Our class is making excellent progress. As of early December, they had learned more than 2/3 of the Mainstream calls and already had a start on some Plus calls.

After a two-week break for the holidays, we will be resuming our regular Sunday evening schedule on 8 January. Current dancers who would like a review of Mainstream and Plus calls from an APD perspective are welcome to participate with our class from 7pm to 9pm. Plus, Advanced, and Challenge tips follow starting at 9pm.

Jim Davis and Sue Lietz-Davis have taken on the job of organizing the SCVSDA's 50th Jubilee this coming October. If you would like to help, please let them know!