Stanford Quads "Club Chatter"

October 2005


(Originally written for publication in The Prompter.)

Over the Labor Day weekend, Bob Bell, Roseann Bell, Dolores Ferrero, John Flora, Barbara Geller, Andy Hohenner, Bill Hoover, Dodie Hoover, Jim Jones, Luise Linney-Jones, and Debbie Winnett attended the Sierra Spin in Plymouth. Meanwhile, our caller John Sybalsky was calling a C4 dance at Cook's Barn.

Joe Dehn, Mary Gingell, and Bill van Melle have been teaching an Advanced class at Belle Swingers in Sunnyvale. Several Quads members are taking this class, and by the time you read this they should be done with all the calls and getting ready to dance in the Advanced hall at Jubilee!

We will be starting our beginner class the first Sunday in October, with three free intro nights running through the 16th. This class is suitable both for people with no previous square dance experience and for current dancers who would like a review of Mainstream and Plus from an APD perspective. No partner necessary, and singles, couples, teens, and families are all welcome.