Stanford Quads "Club Chatter"

August 2005


(Originally written for publication in The Prompter.)

The beginning of summer was certainly a busy time for us! At least 24 Quads attended the NCSDA Golden State Roundup in Pleasanton over the Memorial Day Weekend.

In June, Jim Jones married Louise Linney (from Adobe Squares) -- congratulations!

Later in June, Jim Davis, Joe Dehn, Mary Gingell, Pat Ho, Sue Lietz-Davis, and Bill van Melle attended the Academy for Advanced and Challenge Enthusiasts held in Louisville, Kentucky.

The following weekend was the National Square Dance Convention, with Bill Hoover, Dodie Hoover, Jim Jones, Getchen Leavitt, Luise Linney, Paul Murray, Penny Murray, JennieRae Paker, and Todd Sprenkle making the trip to Portland.

The next week saw the start of Star Thru the Silicon Galaxy. At least 21 Quads attended the convention itself, and we had a contingent in the Grand March (apparently the first time a non-IAGSDC club has been represented in this way in an IAGSDC convention grand march). A dozen others came to the Friday trail-in dance. Joe Dehn, Mary Gingell, and Bill van Melle also attended the associated GCA Caller School.

And one week later was the ASDSC Fun Weekend -- attendees from Quads were Joe Dehn and Julia LaChance.

Photographs from these events are online at:

Many of our members are now hard at work on the 49th Jubilee to be held 14-16 October in San Jose. Our caller John Sybalksy will be calling as one of the SCVSDA Top Ten Callers and is in charge of the Challenge program. Mary Gingell is the General Chairman -- if you would like to volunteer, contribute an item for the silent auction, or otherwise help with this project, please contact her at or 650-858-1842.