Stanford Quads "Club Chatter"

May 2005


(Originally written for publication in The Prompter.)

The third weekend in March, Joe Dehn, Michael Egan, Mary Gingell, Phoebe Johnson, Jim Jones, Julia LaChance, Michelle LaChance, Luise Linney, and Debbie Winnett attended the Bakersfield Fiesta.

The same weekend our caller John Sybalsky and Betsy Lasarow-Tozzi were attending the CALLERLAB convention in Louisville, Kentucky. Lawrence Johnstone filled in Sunday evening at Quads.

The last Sunday in March we celebrated John's birthday -- with some colorful eggs on the food table along with the cake since it was also Easter.

The first Sunday in April we held the graduation party for our class which started in October, with 20 dancers receiving certificates. Congratulations to all!

With the completion of this class, we have returned to our schedule of full Plus from 7pm to 9pm, followed by Advanced and Challenge tips starting at 9pm.