Stanford Quads "Club Chatter"

December 2004


(Originally written for publication in The Prompter.)

Our beginners class is going strong, with about 20 students. Our class and club members got a special treat one Sunday in November when we had Scot Byars from Sacramento as our guest caller.

Jim Jones, Julia LaChance, and Michelle LaChance attended the ASDSC Harvest Hoedown in Yuba City. JennieRae Paker attended three festivals this month -- the Sierra Spin in Solvang, the Fiesta de la Cuadrilla in San Diego, and the Riverside County Festival in Indio. Tito Autrey attended the festival in Indio as well.

Quite a few of us attended the SCVSDA/SCVCA Whing Ding on 30 October, which had a Halloween theme -- and then the next day we had our own party night where Zorro and Batman were both in attendance and a princess was seen dancing with a member of the crew of the starship Enterprise.

Our club caller John Sybalsky called for the TNTs in Orangevale in October. Joe Dehn and Mary Gingell continue to call for Belle Swingers in Sunnyvale, where they have started a beginners workshop to provide more practice to students in the various beginner classes around the area.

Mary Gingell has also been appointed General Chairman for the SCVSDA's 49th Jubilee, to be held 14-16 October 2005. Expect her to be asking you to volunteer to help!