Stanford Quads

Square Dance Club

Stanford Quads is an APD Plus club. We dance almost every Sunday evening. During class season we dance class level from 7:00 to 9:00pm, with full Plus, Advanced, and Challenge tips starting at 9:00pm. (The rest of the year we dance Plus from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, followed by Advanced and Challenge tips.)

Our normal dance location is Fairmeadow School, 500 East Meadow Drive, Palo Alto. (When that is unavailable, we dance at some other location in or near Palo Alto.)

Singles, couples, and families are welcome. Conventional square dance attire is not expected. The cost is $8/person. (A discounted rate applies if you pay by the quarter.)

Our callers are Harlan Kerr and Bill van Melle.

We offer a class for beginning square dancers once per year, usually starting in October.

We hold our annual hoedown in the fall.

Quick Calendar
22 Feb - 22 MarAlternate Location: FBC/MP
24 MayDARK (Golden State Round Up)
26 SeptemberChallenging Plus Hoedown
other calendars

There is a low-traffic mailing list for announcements of upcoming events, dark nights, guest callers and the like. You can join it by sending mail to "quads-subscribe" at, or visit

For more information, contact:
Pat Ho
650-948-4935 Joe Dehn

Stanford Quads is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Stanford University.


Video Introduction


Our annual class started in October, and we are now rapidly moving through the list of calls. The target program for this claas is full APD Plus. As of mid-February, the class has already seen about 3/4 of the calls in the combined Basic, Mainstream, and Plus lists.



24 August 2014
Star Tip, Rob French calling

25 May 2014
Advanced Tip at Golden State

25 May 2013
Plus Tip at Golden State